Champions for Christ

We have dream of a Sunday school where….

……Children are excited to attend each week.

……Classrooms are kid-friendly, bright, inviting places.

……Teachers are excited about their lessons.

……Children learn Bible stories that they don’t forget the minute they leave the building.

……Supplies are organized and available when and where they are needed.

……Teachers are happy, if not eager, to be asked to teach Sunday school.

……Expensive curriculum, which, to a great extent, now goes unused, is a thing of the past.

……Art projects are more than just 5-minute crafts that get tossed that very afternoon.

……Children don’t sit still and don’t always have to be quiet.

……Boredom is a thing of the past.

……Entire families are reached by the stories and lessons that the children learn.

……Unchurched children are invited, feel comfortable, and want to return.

……Everyone is having FUN!!!!


We have discovered a new model for Sunday school called the Worshop Rotation Model.


What is it?  It is a sunday school model which ulitizes workshops instead of classrooms.  One Bible story is taught over several Sundays, and the children attend a different workshop each week to experience the story from different perspectives.  One rotation may last 3-5 weeks.  Workshop leaders (Trainers) do the same workshop each week for the duration of the rotation, making adjustments to their lesson plans only for age-appropriateness.  Teachers (Coaches) go with their same students each week to the different workshops….reinforcing the Bible lesson.  Classrooms are transformed into kid-friendly learning environments dedicated solely to one activity.


“Champion for Christ” will include:


Devotion in Motion….(movies & drama)  where children will be able to have fellowship, popcorn and discussions on the movies, or can “dress up” as the characters to become them for a day.


It’s a Draw…(art) where children will create till their hearts content.


Triple Play Cafe…..(diner) children will cook and eat their way through the Bible stories.


Computer Drills….(computer lab)  children will explore their Bible lesson through computer games and activities.


Kids on the Move…..(games)  where kids can be kids and play games that still bring the story home. 


All this in a month!!!