We meet weekly during Wednesday night bible study when school is in regular session with kids ages 2-teens between 6:30-8:10.




Have you ever played the “What If?” game? Think about possibilities! Here are some “What ifs” to get you started!


• What if every parent and child in your church could quickly find any reference in the Bible?


• What if he could make personal application of the verse or passage?


• What if parents and children worked together learning verses and their meanings?


• What if children and parents felt the Bible was more than a book used at church?


• What if parents and children used the Bible together every day?


• What if the Bible was seen as easy to use?


• What if you could help children love the Bible?


• What if you could help families love the Bible?


What if you could make these “what ifs” come true for children and families? Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills is a 36-meeting plan that helps churches be intentional about developing Bible skills in the lives of children and families. It also helps prepare for Children’s Bible Drills and have fun—thrills, at the same time! It provides fun, keep-kids-moving, hands-on ideas for guiding children to locate, learn, and apply Scripture to daily living.  The meetings include a variety of experiences that are sure to appeal to each child’s preferred way of learning. Every child will have opportunity to learn Bible books, verses, Key Passages, and divisions; Bible book content; Bible history; Bible people; and life application. The teaching plans can be used with any Bible translation, so you choose the Bible translation to use with your children. Children will use the Bible throughout every part of the meeting. The hope is to help children have real experiences that lead to a strong personal connection with the Bible.