Teaching You To Become A Good Steward

Matthew 25:40b Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Audio Visual Ministry-Aid in Sermons and Music by providing the Bible verses, Song lyrics, and other visuals on the monitors during Church services and functions.

Building Ministry-Maintaining the Church building and property and to oversee any building project.

Certificate Ministry-This ministry creates church membership, baptizing, and the CLASS certificates.

Card and Flower-To present cards and flowers for special occasions to the church family. It also arranges for flowers to be distributed during times of the loss of a loved one.

Building Ministry-Maintains the house of the Lord through general maintenance.

C.H.A.M.P.S.-Champions for Christ. Champs will empower you child with Biblical principles.

Choir Ministry-The choir is a body of believers with the desire to worship and praise God.

Christmas Ministry-To prepare a play or drama for ChristmasDecorating Ministry-To decorate and beautify the Church both inside and outside.

Church DirectoryDirectory Ministry-This ministry updates phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses.

Easter Ministry-This ministry prepares the service events for Easter.

Food Ministry-To prepare food for funerals and special events for those who have lost loved ones or in times of need.

Greeting Ministry-We try to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome by greeting and assisting first time visitors as they arrive at church.

Nursing Home Ministry-This ministry shows God’s love to those in nursing homes with preaching, singing, and love.

Nursery Ministry-Caring of pre-school children during worship services and provide lessons.

Newsletter Ministry-Provides church information by creating a Church Bulletin on Sunday mornings with announcements and schedules.

Prayer Ministry-This is where you pray for the needs of the church and for one another.

Small Group Ministry-Leaders direct small groups by connecting them to the body of Christ through relationships.

Media Ministry-Makes video and DVD copies of sermons and services for distribution.

The One Ministry-Serves those who have found themselves away from the shepherd.

The Ninety and Nine Ministry-Serves those in the church to connect them to the Body of Christ.

Vacation Bible School Ministry-Brings children into God’s house during the summer for a time of learning activities, games, snacks, and fun.

Visitation Ministry-Gives comfort, friendship, and company to those who are unable to get out into the community.

Youth Ministry-Gives young adults an opportunity to fellowship and draw strength from one another as we minister to each other.

New Ministry-Here is your place just for you. This can be your new ministry. Get involved.